Erotic Art


The Swamp

"There are you… This is a really scary site… The people in here are looking for a cute girl like me to play with… If you'll protect me I'll take a peek inside… Just hold onto me…

Taking sadism to erotic art, the startling hand-drawn images in this site are horrifying and exciting. In the many erotic art galleries, sexy babes and men with big thingies find themselves in the greatest of peril. Forced to serve as sex toys and pet food, these erotic pictures show rough sex in a new light. Strict dominatrix take pleasure in torturing their helpless slaves. These damsels in distress are tortured to the delight of the Domme that owns them. Oh my… I-I suppose you can hold on to me there… In tight latex, the girl finds a tube in her mouth as her mistress decides to take a pee in a cup connected to the hose. The helpless babe is forced to swallow the warm pee, some leaking out to run down her heaving chest.

One cute little woman finds herself the dinner of her mistress's favorite constrictor. Slowly, the snake engulfs the woman, her feet disappearing into its great maw but quickly followed by her trim legs. No amount of begging will keep the Domme's snake from enjoying a sweet dinner. Oh no… I think the snake is looking at us… shivers I hope he's full…

Men can be entertaining, too. Imagine a man captured by Indians. These warriors decide to kill the pale faced man. Using wet leather, the man is bound. As these strips dry in the hot sun they slowly constrict the man breaking bones as they shrink. shivers I'll peek some more around my fingers… This is only a sampling of what this site has to offer. In erotic animation and movies, sexy babes are eaten alive. With the erotic art galleries and the animations, this site has a lot to offer for scary delight. Mmmmmm… Thank you for protecting me… Yes… Your hand did feel good there… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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